Chickenpox — Life as The Lonsdales

Hi, it’s me again!

So I know I explained briefly in my last blog post that one of the reasons I had been away from my blog again was because that Kory had caught the chickenpox. I have wrote about the first time Kory was ever ill and I’ve spoke about other times when Kory and Kora have both been off side but Kory has never been quite as ill as he was when he had the chickenpox.


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5 Responses to Chickenpox — Life as The Lonsdales

  1. Life as The Lonsdales says:

    Hi! Thank you for the reblog x

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    • You are welcome. Never had Chicken Pox and may be immune to Small Pox although I did avoid my daughter when her half-brother had it many years ago.

      Hopefully your son is doing better.

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      • Life as The Lonsdales says:

        You’re lucky to have never had chickenpox and have immunity to it. It’s not a very nice thing to have that’s for sure! If I could have prevented my son from getting it I sure would have tried but I’m quite certain he picked it up from school. There had been quite a few off school in his class after contracting it. He is doing much better thank you! I’m just hoping his younger sister doesn’t catch it next.

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      • Hopefully your daughter won’t get it although her brother having it puts her more at risk. I will keep her and your family in my prayers as I know it’s not a pleasant experience to go through.

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      • Life as The Lonsdales says:

        I think so too and thank you so much I really appreciate that ❤️

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