My Electric Company Offers Special Use Rate – June 18, 2021

I saw this recently online. Per the electric company’s website –, they offer the plan in my area. However, when I called them today to take advantage of it, the representative was not aware of the plan. When I sign into my account after ending the call, it says I have to call the company to be added to the plan. I did get the person to make a note and have someone from the company call me back once they figure out what is going on. It’s obvious they offer the plan in my area, but apparently they aren’t communicating to their employees, it’s an option. Talk about the left hand and right hand not talking to each other.

Would be nice if they went with the plan they offer in the Kansas City area which is under a different part of their system. That plan offers an even better deal than the one that is offered in my area. Prefer the company made the same deals available for both areas. Unfortunately, they don’t which is a shame in my opinion. I did fill out a survey after logging in and restated the fact that I should be able to sign up for the program, but needed to call. Big fail for their customer service department.

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