Almost Fully Vaccinated and Still Wearing a Mask – May 13, 2021

I know the CDC said I don’t need to wear a mask after next week – It hasn’t been two weeks yet since my second vaccine so I need to wait about another week as a precaution. End result, I will still keep masks handy even after next week.

However, my area has all the mutant strains. There’s no guarantee the Pfizer vaccine or any other vaccine will 100% protect against them. I keep several masks on me as a standby. I go with the better safe than sorry mentality. From what I read, there are some places that still require masks and that’s another good reason to keep mine handy. I am not concerned as I either will or will not get COVID-19 and worrying won’t help me either way.

I am seeing more places opening up around the country and in other countries. I kept my vaccine card in case I need to prove I have been vaccinated. Unlikely as I have no plans to travel outside the area anytime soon.

Due to cataract surgery, I will probably be staying close to home through sometime in July at the earliest. Most likely until I am recovered enough from the surgery to be able to get back to things I normally do.

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6 Responses to Almost Fully Vaccinated and Still Wearing a Mask – May 13, 2021

  1. Suzassippi says:

    I said just yesterday I would mask until Dr. Fauci said I did not need it any more. Too many unvaccinated people here are not wearing masks, and I am just not taking a chance.

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    • Same here. The only time I don’t wear a mask is while riding my bicycle as it fogs up my glasses and when eating or drinking in public.

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      • Suzassippi says:

        Yes on the glasses fog–but I am not riding a bicycle! I have fairly well perfected getting everything in just the right place to prevent fog most of the time. I have yet to eat or drink in public since last March…but I did lift my mask while I was in a store today to smell something, after checking no one was in my aisle. 🙂

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      • Back in August, I ordered a N-95 mask that was upgraded to include a face shield. They company has shipping delays so not sure when it will arrive. It hasn’t arrived yet. I requested an update today to see how things are going. I was hoping not to need the mask when ordered, but glad I ordered it.

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  2. Suzassippi says:

    Reminds me of ordering toilet tissue in March 2020…which arrived 51 days later, and much smaller than one would anticipate your average 6-pack roll of toilet tissue. Hope yours arrives soon…if not hang on to it, we may yet need it and toilet tissue.

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