Self-Publishing Some Good Rules to Follow – May 11, 2021

Standard Disclaimers:

I am not an attorney and any comments I post are not intended, nor should they be construed, as legal advice. If you need legal advice, please consult a legal expert who is familiar with the area of legal expertise you need.

If you self-publish, here are some good rules to follow. First, find out about how long books are in your genre or sub-genre. Follow the word count closely. Maybe if you make it famous enough as an author, you can ignore word count. I see too many writers ignore word count and wonder why the self-published books are not read or purchased. Traditional publishers, and more importantly, readers decide how long genres and sub-genres should be in terms of word count.

Next, fully copyright the book early on. In the U. S., basic copyright is useless. If you need to sue, you need to have timely filed a full copyright as basic copyyright doesn’t allow you to sue for copyright infringement. Online, it’s $45 last time I checked.

Update from yesterday’s e-mail:

These emergency modifications previously were set to continue through May 10, 2021. In light of the ongoing national emergency, however, the Register is extending these modifications for up to an additional sixty days, through July 9, 2021. For additional information, please visit the Office’s Coronavirus page.

Next, hire several people to edit your book. It’s not cheap although you can sometimes find reasonable prices. Another editor to hire is a proofreader. They charge so much per word, but people will leave bad reviews for people who don’t hire proofreaders. I have a traditional publisher author who is full of typos and grammar errors, the publisher doesn’t care because they know people will buy his work without worrying about it. I don’t order any books from the publisher as the publisher takes no pride in their work by selling books so full of errors.

Best to have beta readers willing to read your book before you send it an editor or proofreader. However, don’t rely on family or friends who may praise your work no matter how many issues there are with the book. I used to proofread for a friend who self-published. I was honest on plot holes and other issues they had with the book series. I eventually stopped reading his series as they ignored my advice. It was valid advice, but they had their own ideas and I saw it was a waste of my time to convince them otherwise.

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