Newest Bundles of Holding – Icons Revived and Icons Universe Bundle – May 10, 2021

Newest Bundle of Holding Icons Revived and Icons Universe Bundles It’s a superhero Role Playing Game (RPG) series. More information at I have never played it so I don’t have experience with the system. Not mentioned in the e-mail, but there was a Kickstarter campaign – in 2016.

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Through MONDAY, MAY 31, answer the alert at your satellite headquarters to capture our revived June 2016 Icons Bundle and its all-new companion, Icons Universe.

Through Monday, May 31 we resurrect the June 2016 Icons Bundle along with new sidekick offer Icons Universe from Ad Infinitum AdventuresIcons is the other superhero RPG by designer Steve Kenson (Green Ronin’s Mutants & Masterminds). With Icons, Steve goes for speed: random character creation (or pick from zillions of premade characters), flexible powers, and abstract, slam-bang 1d6-based combat. Icons works well for both one-shot adventures and long campaigns, and its extensive line of four-color adventures captures the spirit of the Silver Age of Comics and shows like Batman: The Animated Adventures.

The Icons Bundle, revived from June 2016, has the core rulebook and early supplements; if you’re new to the game, start here. The all-new companion offer is Icons Universe, though in truth the game skips a consistent “universe” in favor of a large toolkit of characters and story elements you can pick and mix as you like. The Universe lineup adds lots of recent sourcebooks including Origins, Icons Presents, Menagerie, and Rogues, plus half a dozen adventures with indicative titles like Gladiator Pits of Gorn, Dawn of the Daikaiju, and The Terror of Tiki Pterodactyl.

Learn more about Icons and both offers at the official Bundle of Holding blog, Beyond the Bundle.

These two Icons offers vanish together into the Underworld of the Molten Men Monday, May 31.


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