My First Oathmark game with real life people — Third Point of Singularity

If you’ve been following along on this blog you know that Oathmark has been a big activity for me to pass time during COVID. I’ve collected an Orc Army, an Undead (Oathbreaker) Army, and I’m building a Dwarf Army. The problem is that since I’ve had nobody to play with and nowhere to go with it, my sole playing opportunity has been solo, which isn’t nearly as much fun, nor does it give you a good understanding of the nuances of a game. Well, that changed yesterday, when the Scrum Club had it’s first in person event since we all bunkered down about a year ago and some change. Safety protocols were observed, and all players had had both injections and waited beyond the two week period to build up immunity. Steve Braun, who is a fellow Robert E. Howard geek, set up a scenario at Joe’s place that was an excellent introduction to the Oathmark rules system using the Hyperborian world setting of Conan (and Robert E. Howard). Steve put pretty good effort in and soon we were sitting at a table with roughly a 3000 point engagement in front of us.

My First Oathmark game with real life people

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