Update on AncestryDNA Health – May 6, 2021

Standard Disclaimer:

I am not a medical health professional and any comments I post are not intended, nor should they be construed, as medical advice.

Been a while since I updated on my Ancestry Health results – Update on AncestryDNA Health Tests Ending – January 16, 2021. Received an e-mail that the lab is now analyzing my Health results so hopefully soon I will have results. It was still at Extracting DNA a few days ago. The last stage is Health Reports ready. I plan on downloading those as soon as I get the e-mail the reports are ready.

As I mentioned several times, I don’t take the Health Reports with too much emphasis as genetics plays around 5 – 10% on average on specific medical or health conditions. The rest is environment. In rare cases, it can be higher. I also mentioned that few DNA companies test all the known markers for specific medical conditions. I think that creates some serious issues when it comes to determining how much stock to place in any DNA company when they test a lot fewer markers than average.

Going to be interesting to see how the health reports turn out even though I am taking this with a fair amount of salt as I don’t know how many markers Ancestry Health used in the process. Hopefully, the reports will give you an exact count of the markers for each condition. This also applies to other things that aren’t health related.

To me, Ancestry didn’t do the Ancestry Health long enough for it to gain traction. It was generally cheaper than Ancestry + Health from 23andMe. As they gave a discount if you already tested with the Basic AncestryDNA kit. Granted, 23andMe made a similar discount during sales if you had previously purchased a DNA kit from them. The test had a smaller discount during non-sales if you had previously purchased from 23andMe.

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