Not a Fan of Facebook Background Color Options – April 16, 2021

I never post using colored backgrounds. It is rare I can see a semi-long post when others use colored backgrounds. In many cases, I click the read more option and I see less than before clicking it. Not a big fan of this option when others use it. Not only that, it applies if a person uses the option for a post, in a group, or on a page.

I contacted support on Facebook to see if they could help me out earlier tonight about 2 hours ago. I don’t think they will respond as it’s likely a low priority for them. The fact some people have trouble reading a background with text on it should be a motivator to Facebook. One would hope, but in my experience, the company does what it wants. I am using Facebook a lot less these days due to some major changes they made over the last few months. I do have my WordPress posts automatically post to my blog’s Facebook page. If Facebook isn’t careful, it may lose a fair number of users to other social media platforms.

I remember when MySpace was #1, they had the attitude they would stay number 1. It didn’t last as they ignored what users wanted from MySpace. I remember when a certain competitor to Facebook popped up briefly. People dumped Facebook thinking this replacement would take the lead. It didn’t as Facebook took most potential rivals seriously. I see the same mentality with Facebook. They ignore what members request and do what the leadership wants done.

I installed Social Fixer to avoid having to constantly change from Top Stories to Most Recent. Used to be I would only have to do it a couple of times/week. It went to every time I went to Facebook. I don’t consider a Top Story from several days ago more relevant than Most Recent posts. I do have to update Social Fixer when a new version comes out, but it’s a fairly small add-on.

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