Nice to See MHGS Open Again – April 6, 2021

I mentioned yesterday – MHGS Re-opens Tomorrow – April 5, 2021. the society was re-opening today It was nice to be back at MHGS as I hadn’t been since probably before Thanksgiving week-end. We had many of the regular volunteers show up. We had a few new guests show up. They were looking for more information on the grandparents. People were wearing masks, aside from when we ate lunch. It was good to get reacquainted with the volunteers as I hadn’t seen them in a while.

MHGS has some death certificates (specifically people who died in Wichita 1887 – 1910), marriage license applications issued by the county; marriage licenses filled in the county. We also have Children’s Home records, but you have to be the person or have permission from the person to access those records. We have obituaries from 1955 to current. For 1996 – late 2019, we have a volunteer who types up the obits and provides updates as he goes along. There are several volunteers who save the obits at home and can access online the local library for obits back to late 1984. Another local genealogy society has started with 1954 and working their way back to the early days of Wichita newspapers. The main library has microfilm copies from the earliest newspapers in the area. We also scan in old photos that people bring in to the society.

Different genealogy and historical societies have various records available to them. We share nationally with several societies in other states where we give them a copy of our newsletters and they give us copies of their newsletters. We also subscribe to some of the larger societies that produce bigger monthly newsletters. The society has the Daughters of the American Revolution (DAR) books so can people can look up ancestors who fought in the American Revolution or helped the cause. We also have several levels for those whose ancestors settled first in the area. I am not seeing a link or a reference on the website.

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