Matthew 27:27-28:2, The Saddest and Happiest Days in Human History (Mateo 27:27-28:2, Los Dias Mas Triste y Mas Feliz de la Historia de Humanidad) – American in Korea

I saw this yesterday – Matthew 27:27-28:2, The Saddest and Happiest Days in Human History (Mateo 27:27-28:2, Los Dias Mas Triste y Mas Feliz de la Historia de Humanidad).

If you don’t know which day I am talking about, it is when the crucified Jesus, the son of God. (Si no sabes acerca de cual noche hablo, es cuando ellos crucificaron a Jesus, el hijo de Dios.) He had been found innocent when they put him on trial, but they didn’t let him go. (Lo habian declarado inocente cuando estaba siendo juzgado, pero no lo dejaron ir.) They let Barabbas go and sent Jesus to be crucified. (Ellos dejaron a Barrabas ir, y enviaron a Jesus para ser crucificado.) After the trial, the soldiers whipped Jesus with whips. (Despues de juicio, los soldados azotaron a Jesus con latigos.) Next, the led him to the official residence of the governor. (Siguiente, ellos lo llevaron a la residencia oficial de gobernador.) The whole company of soldiers gathered around him, and they striped him. (Toda la compañía de soldados se reunio’ a su alrededor, y lo denudaron.) They put a red robe on him. (Le pusieron una tunica roja.) The put a crown of thornes on his head. (Le pusieron una corona de espinas en la cabeza.) They put a staff in his right hand.(Lo pusieron una vara en el mano derecha.) They made fun of him by saying, “Hail! King of the Jews!” and bowing before him. (Se burlaban de ‘el diciendo, “Salve, reino de los Judios,” y se inclinaban ante ‘el.) They spit on him, (Le escupieron.) The took the staff from him and hit him on the head. (Le quitaron el baston y lo golpearon en la cabeza.) They mocked him some more. (Ellos se burlaron un poco mas.) And then they took the robe off him and put his own clothes back on him. (Y entontonces, ellos se quitaron la tunica y pusieron su mismo ropa a ‘el de nueve.) Then, they took him away to be crucified. (Entonces selo llevaron para ser crucificado.)

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