Called Local Phone Store – March 25, 2021

I called a local phone store to see if they had a 32 GB micro SD card. They said no. Asked if they had a 64 GB SD card, they said no. They had the next larger size on hand. Got there, turns out they had the 32 GB SD card, but it wasn’t on the rack yet. Purchased it as one of the phones didn’t come up with an SD card.

Had one of the employees install it. With the other phone, it came with a 32 SD card and it shows the extra memory on it. The phone has some quirks so it may be installed correctly, but isn’t showing for some reason.

Funny thing is the clerk tried to switch me to their service. With my current service, less than $15 gets me unlimited talk and text, plus 2 GB LTE with unlimited 2G data once the 2 GB runs out. I didn’t point that out as I knew they couldn’t price match what my current provider offers. The phone only came with 16 GB of memory and most of it is being used already. About 8.1 GB free of the 16 GB total and just over 800 MB of free memory.

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