Stimulus Package Forwarded to the President – March 10, 2021

Why Congress waited until now to pass it is beyond me. It’s so full of pork with very little relief for the average American Congress should be ashamed for passing it. See many media outlets saying people should start receiving it soon. The problem is the IRS is in the middle of tax season. Under laws passed by Congress, those due a refund who do not get it timely are paid interest. Doesn’t apply to those who owe money or aren’t getting a refund.

The smart thing would have been for Democrats to offer a reasonable deal to Republicans back in January that cut out so much pork they added so it could pass in early January. They chose not to do so. As the IRS has to give higher priority to refunds, I expect they will devote their reduced staffing to also focus on stimulus checks. The problem is Congress loves to cut IRS staffing, then wonder why tax revenues go down.

I know politicians on both sides of the aisle love to add pork to bills, but they haven’t considered the long-term effects of doing it. At some point, the outrageous size of the deficit will come back to haunt not just the politicians in power, but Americans overall.

I don’t expect to see my direct deposit stimulus check for a while. Plus, for some it may take months before they see the money. They can send out about 1 million checks/business day. Granted, most of the checks are direct deposits so that will speed the process as some of it can be automated. There are some people who haven’t seen their first or second stimulus check. If the checks were sent out last year, they can file their taxes this year and get the credit. Some of the second stimulus checks were sent out earlier this year and would have to wait potentially until next near year to see the money. My suggestion would be to try and call the IRS although it’s tax season so don’t expect to get through easily although they had dedicated phone lines for stimulus check questions. Getting through was difficult most of the time.

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1 Response to Stimulus Package Forwarded to the President – March 10, 2021

  1. SLIMJIM says:

    We only got our first check and not the second and third; I’m so concern too for inflation on top of all the pork…politicians, sigh…

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