Kickstarter Dice Campaigns – March 2, 2021

I rarely support Kickstarter dice campaigns. Seen too many problems with these dice campaigns. Not mentioning the current one that is so far behind and the company is making excuses. Supposedly hand made dice that far exceed what I would pay for handmade dice. Sounds like they are now being made in a factory. Questions have been raised by backers who haven’t been kept in the loop for months. The smart thing would be to refund backers money as it sounds like they are not getting handmade dice. In fact, they are encouraging people to buy their other dice sets as a way to fund the campaign. Definitely, a dice company I will be avoiding and any future crowdfunding campaigns they offer. 

Another dice company ignores some of the Kickstarter rules, but Kickstarter doesn’t stop them. This includes you are supposed to have actual working models of the products offered. They used simulated dice models. When the dice are made, they are nowhere near as good as the simulated items they show.  That will come back to hurt Kickstarter at some point. 

One of the rules is you can’t offer the same thing except as an add-on. A different campaign realized they didn’t order enough dice in the first Kickstarter campaign and started a second Kickstarter campaign where they added the same dice, a direct violation of Kickstarter’s rules. They later added other new dice. However, the smart move would be to offer the new dice with the old dice as add-ons. 

Kickstarter doesn’t give refunds. At least one of its competition offers refunds as to avoid hard feelings with backers who may never get anything from a campaign. That’s the route Kickstarter needs to take. With Kickstarter, it’s all or nothing. If you fall $1 short of your goal, it doesn’t get funded. About 60% of Kickstarter campaigns don’t get funded as the campaign doesn’t meet its stated goal. Indiegogo gives you two options – 1) all or nothing or 2) partial funding. Indiegogo often is a go-to resource for a successful Kickstarter campaign. Unlike Kickstarter, Indiegogo runs an online store where people can order if Indiegogo makes a deal with the Kickstarter campaign to do this. If Indiegogo ran the campaign, it’s available if the campaign wants to go that way

I highlighted Jamey free Kickstarter lessons almost 2 years ago – Stonemaier Games Kickstarter Lessons. They are geared for Kickstarter and Tabletop Games, but they can work for most other Kickstarter campaigns as well as other crowdfunding websites. The key is to read through the lessons before you start a campaign as some are things to do longe before starting a campaign.

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