Forgiveness Sundays February 28, 2021

To be clear, I am not perfect. I have flaws and imperfections like everyone else. I fail multiple times a day. I ask for forgiveness numerous times a day.

Going a slightly different route this week. Specifically, hypocrisy. I only know of one person born on this planet who wasn’t a hypocrite – Jesus Christ. For everyone else, including me, we are all hypocrites to some degree. I do my best not to be a hypocrite. However, it happens. I saw a blog post where someone came down on hypocrites in a big way. The blogger ignored the point being made by some they were calling hypocrites. In this case, the people being called hypocrites weren’t being hypocrites. They were following what they had been taught about witnessing Christ to others. A point the blogger seems to have missed or misunderstood; I am not sure which based on their comments. There are numerous Bible verses about hypocrisy.

Here are some Bible verses on hypocrisy: and hypocrite:

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3 Responses to Forgiveness Sundays February 28, 2021

  1. SLIMJIM says:

    We are all hypocrites in need of both saving and sanctifying grace

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