Defragged Laptop First Time – February 17, 2021

I defragged my Windows laptop for the first time today. Took 2 hours using the Defrag option. I previously used Defraggler to do the same thing. Took about as long doing with Defrag. Turns out with Defraggler, I went with the quick option and was surprised at how long it took. It was still 16% fragmented, 27% after running Defrag today after running Defraggler (not an affiliate link). With Defraggler, I can choose which speed to defrag at -fast or regular. I use the free option. I could upgrade to the paid option, but the free options very well.

With Defrag, it only showed 3% fragmented, which I believed would go faster. It ran through 13 passes and each pass had several phases – four I believe. Passes 9, 10, and 13 took the longest. I think Pass 9 took a while to get through the Defrag phase. At that point, I expected it would end. In the past, it went a lot faster on my other Windows 10 laptops and desktops that have less RAM. This machine has 8 GB RAM and only uses 66 GB out of 930 GB hard drive.

When I have some spare time, I will do a full Defrag with Defraggler to see how long it takes. My hard drive is not an SSD hard drive as I have been advised not to run any defrag program on those types of hard drives.

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