Things To Check On – February 13, 2021

This covers two topics, weather and cell phones.

There are several things to check if you are in an area with very cold or very hot weather. If you have a basement or raised floor without a basement, make sure to keep water dripping in cold weather, about 5 – 10 drops/minute. If you have a heated basement, not as big an issue. Another thing for places you live is to do what you can to reduce other problems. I keep rooms I don’t use closed and covered with things to block cold air from entering from the bottom of the door into the rest of the place. That reduces my natural gas bill a fair amount. If you own the place, you can do things that reduce temperature changes, up or down. If you don’t own the place, you can still contact various utility companies to see what you can do to positively impact the bills.

My place is poorly insulated and I rent so there’s not much I can do to fix this issue. Contact your local utilities – water, power, natural gas,, and other companies for advice on how to improve both winter and summer bills. This includes things that may impact other months too.

For vehicles, check your tank at least half full to avoid the fuel line from freezing. Also, check your tires on a regular basis as the colder it gets the more likely you will lose some air in one or more tires. You don’t want the tires overinflated. Also keep an eye on oil, antifreeze levels, etc.

A good example are my two cell phones, provided by different companies. One was recently purchased by Verizon, and the other by TMobile. I don’t waste money on monthly fees for insurance as the prices have gotten outrageous and the cost to replace them using insurance tends to be higher than I can find a replacement phone. Some companies offer a reasonable yearly fee to replace a device. As both phone companies were recently purchased by companies that use GSM devices in the near future, I will need to upgrade as my phones are both CDMA.

I also don’t live beyond my means. Friends that lives beyond their means disagree with me on the issue. I grow up poor and I don’t spend much on things I need to buy on time. With most jobs, there is no guarantee it will be there tomorrow. Plenty of unemployed and under-employed people than there were in January 2020.

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