Don’t Rely on Photos To Determine Relationships – February 5, 2021

I see people asking about relationships using photos on social media on a regular basis. It’s a bad thing as I have several supposed twins, around 4 at last count, running around Wichita where someone thinks I am the other person. I had one person tell me their friend wears the same kind of glasses I do. Another example is when twins marry twins. Looking identical doesn’t mean they are identical. That’s where DNA testing comes in handy to determine identical twins or fraternal twins. Same goes for determining if someone is a close family member as in second cousin or closer. At more distant levels, there’s an increasing chance you won’t match.

I see a lot of photos where the twins appear to be identical, but without DNA testing, there is no way to tell. In a few cases, twins who appear to be identical DNA test and match as fraternal.

I read an article several years back where full DNA testing will reach around $100. A couple of companies have done limited sales offering full DNA testing for between $99 and less than $400 in the last few years. The problem is the amount of storage space you would need for a full test. A full DNA test looks at over 3 billion base pairs. One company offers a 128 GB SD card with the information or a download version. I don’t have the money to test with the company as the price ranges from $599 to $1,599 depending on how detailed you want the test, not counting the SD card or any extra things you can order.

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