Looking for Small Cemetery in Oklahoma – January 31, 2021

Brief update: it looks to be in an area that is not covered by trees. Tried finding it using the town and the area around it, but nothing yet and the cemetery is larger than I thought.

I am looking for a small cemetery near Catoosa, Rogers County, Oklahoma. I dug through all of my cemetery resources and haven’t found it. It’s an area with a lot of trees. It’s named Catoosa Cemetery. I think it’s outside town limits. I called the local historical museum, but they don’t have an answering machine. I contacted the public library and a local resident who runs a genealogy website by e-mail. I am hoping someone will respond. Usually I can find a street address, GPS, or latitude/longitude using the different resources. There’s the USGS website that often has cemeteries listed and it doesn’t mention have anything on the cemetery.

Any suggestions appreciated. One graving site has the cemetery added, but nothing indicating a street reference, GPS, or latitude/longitude. I am hoping one of the people I tried to contact will give me more information. I went with several search engines to see if I could find it. They listed plenty of cemeteries in the area, but not the one I was looking for.

It can be challenging looking for small cemeteries when there are no records listed. I visiting my mother’s uncle’s first wife in Oklahoma about 7 years ago. I knew where the grave was because the cemetery had laid out Section, Block, Lot, and Plot. They had an online map so I knew where to find the grave. I asked if they had more information and they said no.

In Kansas, I found a couple of cousins and visited the cemetery. They directed me to where the cousins were buried. Both did not have headstones, but they had a map on where they were buried. About a hundred feet apart. I asked them if they had more information. They didn’t. All they had was when they were buried, the plot was paid for. Nothing about when they died or other information. I was able to figure out the parents for each cousin based on other information I found. Interesting thing was one cousin was buried under his first name, but used his middle name. I was able to piece it together when I realized about when he died and compared it to the people who died around that time in my tree.

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    Any new development with you seach?

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