Tello Update – January 19, 2021

I noticed this on BestMVNO today – Current Tello Customers Will Be Able To Migrate To T-Mobile Network By End Of Q1. I mentioned the Tello migration to T-Mobile Beginning Next Week Tello Mobile Will Start Activating New Customers On T-Mobile’s Network — BestMVNO. That means sometime between now and the end of March, I will be switched over to T-Mobile from Tello. I am happy that BestMVNO keeps up on this stuff. I should get an update before the switch happens. It matters to me as my current phone is the old CDMA style. It means I need to find a GSM phone before the change happens.

I am happy they haven’t raised the price of my current Tello plan or changed the rules. I get unlimited talk, text, and 2 GB 4G LTE. When the LTE runs out, I get unlimited 2G access for the rest of the billing cycle. I called a nearby T-Mobile store and they don’t sell unlocked GSM phones, but he gave me several places I can call that sell unlocked T-Mobile GSM phones. I also checked some other local outlets to see prices. I am checking other locations and websites to see what the price for an unlocked T-Mobile GSM cell phone runs. Going to be an interesting experience as I only upgrade cell phones as needed.

I may have to do same with my TracFone soon as they were bought out by Verizon. The deal is supposed to go through in the second half of 2021. I need to upgrade my phone in the near future as my minutes, text, and Data expire in April. I usually go with a deal from

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