Stories Behind the Stars: Remembering U.S. WWII Fallen – MyHeritage January 19, 2021

I saw this on MyHeritage today – Stories Behind the Stars: Remembering U.S. WWII Fallen: Much longer article and includes a video and photos.

by Esther · January 19, 2021  Pro Bono Projects

Don Milne is a man on a mission. With his website, Stories Behind the Stars, he seeks to document the stories of all 400,000+ U.S. soldiers whose lives were lost in WWII. We at MyHeritage truly appreciate the difficult but essential work that Don is doing and support his important project. We encourage you to become a hero to the fallen, and volunteer for this worthy cause.


Remembering the lost potential

America joined World War II not to conquer other nations, but to, in the words of Franklin Roosevelt’s D-Day prayer, “set free a suffering humanity,” “liberate,” and “let justice arise, and tolerance and good will among all.” The victory cost America more than 400,000 lives.

While the difficulties of this past year may make it seem like our lives have never been harder, from a historical perspective, life has never been better for the greatest number of people on the planet. These brave Americans missed out on a level of relative peace and prosperity never before seen on a global scale, and without their sacrifice, our world would have been very different today. In gratitude, Don seeks to remember not only the names of these soldiers carved 8 decades ago on now-fading stone, but also who they actually were — their achievements, their relationships, and their lost potential. To this end, he is collecting these stories for his nonprofit initiative Stories Behind the Stars.


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