January 14, 1986 – A Day That Changed My Life January 14, 2021

Sharing this again as I first posted it several times – January 14, 1986 – A Day That Changed My Life January 14, 2019 and January 14, 1986 – A Day That Changed My Life.

This happened shortly before lunchtime. It is the closest that I have knowingly came to dying. That doesn’t mean there were times I came closer to dying, but none I am aware of. The points below are still valid after this many decades of time. It was an interesting event when it happened. I was just waking up and saw a gray/silver blur and realized a wreck was about to happen. I hadn’t changed my address on my driver’s license at the time. Now I would as soon as I move.

It was also a wake-up call as I had never came this close to dying before. It made me re-evaluate my life. I decide the Lord was sending me a message. I don’t know if I got the full message, but I took heed of what I thought the message meant. I consider nothing is “luck” or random chance. Everything happens for a reason, be it something I did or something someone else did. I understand some people think good luck and bad luck exists. It doesn’t.

When I go to my favorite Internet cafe, I usually go one of several ways. Which way depends on considering traffic. In rare cases, I have gone way off the usual routes to see if the routes were faster. None were. As I mentioned in one of the earlier posts, I had a friend asked if this happened. Yes, it did. If I were writing this as a book, I could use the incident to make a point. I would change the date and names of me and others in the book.

It didn’t help my right arm and shoulder were broken as I do most things better using my right side. Getting used to doing things with my left hand was a bit of a challenge in some ways. Thankfully, I am able to do some things better using my left hand and arm than my right hand and arm. One thing I miss is doing pull-ups. My right arm healed wrongly and I can no longer do the monkey bars or anything where I need to pull myself off the ground using both hands.

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Originally from Gulfport, Mississippi. Live in Wichita, Kansas now. I suffer Bipolar I, ultra-ultra rapid cycling, mixed episodes. Blog on a variety of topics - genealogy, DNA, mental health, among others. Let's collaborateDealspotr.com
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  1. SLIMJIM says:

    Wow I know you didn’t go into details; but wow that must have been life changing and glad God got your attention then. 1986 was also the year my wife was born

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