Forgiveness Sundays January 10, 2021

To be clear, I am not perfect. I have flaws and imperfections like everyone else. I fail multiple times a day. I ask for forgiveness numerous times a day.

When it comes to forgiveness, sometimes the best result is to forgive a person and end the relationship. It’s rare I go this route, but at times it is the only solution as some people don’t respect other people’s boundaries. It’s a personal decision that each person should determine when the time is cut the relationship off. With family, it can be harder. So far, I have never had the issue with family members. No doubt one day I may face the issue. The closest I have come is when a family member was doing some serious stuff. I temporarily did not communicate with him as I knew some things were aggravating his situation. Eventually, he cleaned up his act and I started communicating with him again,

I see this situation a lot in a few social media groups. Tend to be relationship related groups where a partner or family member is causing problems. In some cases, it is multiple family members being the issue. You have to decide how much you will put up with before ending the relationship. I tend to be more forgiving until it becomes clear the other person is taking advantage of the relationship. I do my best to not take advantage of a relationship as I realize it can be easy to take advantage. I set a limit on how often I will accept help to avoid causing this to become an issue.

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