Things to Do in Brazil to Discover Your Heritage – FamilySearch January 8, 2021

I saw this on FamilySearch recently – Things to Do in Brazil to Discover Your Heritage: Article is longer, but here are some details. If you have Brazilian ancestry or love Brazil, worth checking out. I included the section headings below.

January 8, 2021 by  Sunny Morton

You can travel to many places in Brazil to discover and celebrate your Brazilian heritage, whether your ethnic background is indigenous, Portuguese, African, East Asian, Middle Eastern, or any combination of these! Explore your heritage with these incredible things to do in Brazil.

Over hundreds—even thousands—of years, Brazil has been home to many cultures and peoples. Today, their stories are layered in the culture, architecture, art, food, and traditions of this South American nation.

So much history lives in Brazil that several historic city centers have been named as UNESCO World Heritage Sites. Other unique historical places, such as mining towns, plantations, and refugee villages, also preserve important stories. Here are just a few destinations in Brazil that celebrate the heritage of its immigrant and indigenous peoples.

Manaus: Heart of the Amazon


Salvador de Bahia: The Pelourinho


Ouro Preto: A Mining Town


Rio de Janeiro: Rich with Heritage


Fazendas and Quilombos: Legacies of Slavery


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