FamilyTree DNA (FTDNA) Purchased by myDNA – DNA Saturdays January 9, 2021

I wanted to thank The DNA Geek for this post – Can The Other Guys Say That?. In her post, she mentions FamilyTree DNA (FTDNA) was purchased by an Australian pharmacogenetics ( – myDNA: Dr. Larkin makes some great points in her comments about the potential ramifications. Also, the CEO of Gene by Gene, the parent company of FTDNA stepped down and was replaced by the CEO of myDNA.

Time will tell what myDNA will do with our DNA results. In the past, FTDNA did not directly test for medical stuff. As myDNA is a pharmacogenetics company, it will be interesting to see how it proceeds with things. Will the basic autosomal test stay at $79 and test the roughly 610,832 SNPs tested by FTDNA current chip? Will myDNA allow MyHeritageDNA to still use FTDNA’s lab in the U. S. to test? I would hope so, but they are now a potential competitor with myDNA at least for the MyHeritageDNA health kits and possibly for the basic MyHeritageDNA kits as well.

It would be nice if someone from FTDNA or myDNA would address these concerns. So far, I haven’t seen any responses from the companies. I see myDNA is a subscription based service. I would hope this only applies if you go with ordering the monthly subscription.

Here is one additional link about the merger: (paid subscription site). It looks like they entered the U. S. Market in early 2019:

This could shake up the market in a good way, a bad way, or a mix of both. I believe someone needs to let people know what is going on with the merger/acquisition. The sooner the better. How it will affect those who have already tested with FTDNA. Is opting out of having our DNA used for pharmacogenetics purposes a choice former FTDNA customers get to make? I will be monitoring various genealogical DNA bloggers to get their take on the matter. I saw a post where someone mentioned we should be getting an e-mail notice by today about the situation. I checked from both companies, and as of 6:30 P. M. my time I have no notice and I also checked my Spam folder.

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