These Coveted $400 Hairy Crabs Are Selling Out in China. Here’s Why. Weirdness Wednesdays January 6, 2021

I saw this recently –These Coveted $400 Hairy Crabs Are Selling Out in China. Here’s Why. It’s a longer article, but here’s enough to give you some basic information. Decided this was a good Weirdness Wednesdays post.



In China the hairy crab has long been a delicacy, but the pandemic has taken the crustacean to epic new heights. Prices for the palm-sized crabs have doubled since last year, and now some folks are forking out hundreds of dollars for a box.

The hairy crab—also known as the Chinese mitten crab—weighs a little over 10 oz and is prized for it’s sweet meat and buttery roe. And because it’s only available a few weeks each year in the fall, acute demand for the little treats really drives up prices. They’re usually given as gifts to government officials and loved ones, but, in the wake of Covid-19, those stuck at home are treating themselves to the tasty luxury. Buyers traditionally prepare the crabs by steaming them and then serving them with vinegar, ginger and rice.

A box of eight hairy crabs can cost as much as $400 (¥2,700). This year, however, the bestseller is priced at $240 (¥1,600), eclipsing 2019 prices by a hefty $120 (¥800). Furthermore, overall demand is expected to reach a staggering $22.5 billion (¥150 billion) in 2020, as reported by Bloomberg. It totaled roughly $18 billion (¥120 billion) in 2019.


These Coveted $400 Hairy Crabs Are Selling Out in China. Here’s Why.

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