Three Types of People Who Are or Were on – December 27, 2020

There are three types of people who are or were on This is a website that includes many obituaries from newspapers and funeral homes. I will list the three types of people and then describe each example. First, there are people with full obituaries – how long they stay up depends on the arrangement between Legacy and the newspaper or funeral home. Many are often taken down within 3 – 6 months to be replaced by the second group. The second group of people are those who have partial obituaries. If you click on the name and read more, it shows you can make the full obituary available for 24 hours at $2.95, or you can spend $38.00 or $79.00 to make it permanently available. I will get back to the difference in price for a permanent one in my third group. The third group is those who used to have full obituaries on Legacy. About 10 years ago, I searched for my mother, her half-sister, and my sister-in-law. They were in the partial obituary category. At the time, the only way to upgrade them to permanent was $79.00 each. At some point, Legacy has many people in this category today. Some are offered at $38.00. When I went looking for them yesterday, I noticed none of them were now on Legacy.

I didn’t have the money to upgrade them at $79.00 each to a permanent obituary. Here’s an example of a person that has been moved to the partial obituary: At some point his will disappear like the three people listed in the first paragraph. His permanent obituary is only $38.00 to sponsor. If you go to here:, it looks like he has a full obituary until you click on Read More. If you do that, you get the Archived link I posted above.

My brother-in-law who died November 15, 2019 still has a full obituary when I checked a few minutes ago.

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