LivingDNA – DNA Saturdays December 12, 2020

I chose to focus on LivingDNA for this week’s DNA Saturdays post. While the company accepts DNA transfers from other companies, I always recommend testing directly with the company. They accept transfers from AncestryDNA, MyHeritageDNA, and 23andMe. The reason I encourage testing directly with each company is the differences between SNPs when you transfer from another company. Here’s the handy-dandy SNP comparison from ISOGG: I always buy tests when they are on sale which saves me a lot of money. If you noticed the above chart, the amount of shared SNPs with other companies can be very low. It’s more an apples to oranges comparison than an apples to apples comparison in many cases.

Ancestry Team  | DEC 04, 2020

Ancestry’s President & CEO Margo Georgiadis has announced that she has informed the company’s board of directors that she plans to depart the company at the end of 2020. Ms. Georgiadis will remain available for a period of time after her departure to assist in a smooth transition.

“I’m so proud of the collective accomplishments of the Ancestry team and am confident in the company’s continued success,” said Georgiadis. “Over the last three years, we have achieved new records across the company and demonstrated the remarkable resilience of this business. In partnership with Blackstone, the company is well positioned for continued growth, delivering on its mission to empower journeys of personal discovery for millions of people around the world.”

Eric Wilmes, Head of Private Equity, Americas at GIC and Ancestry Board member said, “Margo has made a tremendous impact on this organization, and we are grateful for her many contributions. She has created a best-in-class leadership team and led a process of rebuilding and strengthening our products and our business. On behalf of the entire board, we wish Margo the very best in her next chapter.”

Since Ms. Georgiadis joined Ancestry as President & CEO in 2018, the company has grown to more than 3.6 million subscribers and built the largest consumer DNA network in the world with nearly 20 million people. Ancestry’s core Family History subscription revenue, which anchors the company, has reached $1 billion. The company has also dramatically strengthened margins and delivered record-setting cash flow. 

Right now, LivingDNA has a sale for $69 for their kits – see link above. Other major DNA companies are having sales as well. I originally did a 23andMe v3 upload to LivingDNA, but eventually ordered a test from They use LivingDNA kits so I got a two-for-one deal as LivingDNA ran the test and added my results to their website and added my results to their website.

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