I Will Be Posting My Forgiveness Sundays Post in a Couple of Hours – December 6, 2020

It may sound harsh to some as the message in today’s Forgiveness Sundays was not easy for me to write, but as a Christian, I believe it’s important to post what the Lord wants me to post. For those who believe in the Bible, the end times are fast approaching. I know many false Christians who say everybody is going to Heaven. Everyone will stand before God to be judged. Is any Christian perfect? No although some groups claim Christians can reach a state of perfection in this life. If that were the case, then why didn’t any of the Apostles or disciples reach that state when Jesus was here or after He went back to Heaven?

I know many false Christian denominations that preach there is no Hell. I trust the words of Jesus over the words of the religious leaders of these false denominations. He made it clear there is a Hell. I even seen false Christian denominations re-write the Bible to remove Hell from the Bible. As bad are those false pastors, clergy, priests, etc. who never talk once about Hell. While some of them may be true Christians, Jesus made it clear Hell is a real place.

I find that trying to point out to the false Christians they are mistaken is generally a waste of my time. They are so sure their denomination doesn’t get very much wrong. I am willing to listen to other people try and convince me I am wrong, but most of them take Bible verses out of context, use books of the Bible created by their denomination, etc. Any denomination that calls itself Christian and claims you too can become a god is not preaching Christianity in any way, shape, or form.

Jesus is coming back. I am not going to set a date, but many of the signs in the Bible are coming true. There are some signs that haven’t come true yet, but the signs we are seeing should give everyone a wake-up call. The growth of anti-christs is out of control. The final Anti-Christ hasn’t shown up yet, but once he does, it will be too late. The number of true Christians willing to spread the gospel has shrunk considerably in the last few decades. Many pastors, clergy, and other individuals care more about growing their congregation or their budget than they do about spreading the gospel.

The goal in this post is to get people to realize no Christian is perfect. As a pastor I heard once, he said people don’t go to the hospital because they are healthy, they go because they are ill. Same applies to church attendance. I will take it one step more – everybody is a hypocrite about something. The purpose of attending church should be to hear the Word of God, consider what God wants you to learn from the message. There are also times when God lets you attend to realize the denomination or spiritual leader is not right for you. I attended a number of services where Hell was never talked about.

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2 Responses to I Will Be Posting My Forgiveness Sundays Post in a Couple of Hours – December 6, 2020

  1. Thank you for continuing to post these messages. Our former church hired a very liberal minister right out of seminary. He does not believe in Hell, and he has told parishioners that he does not know why God would eternally separate Himself from anyone. In essence, he believes in universal salvation. Because of this, he does not preach the Gospel of our Lord and Savior Christ Jesus, and therefore, is a false teacher. The words “sin”, “repentance” and “hell” are not in his vocabulary.
    Universal salvation is a very dangerous and wide road theology that advances a false gospel that has no power to save. How will anyone come to saving faith if they are being told that God would not eternally separate Himself from anyone? The Gospel of Jesus Christ is clear: We are all sinners in need of a savior; that it is our sin that separates us from God; and that only when we come to a position repentance (a change in mind as to who we are and who Christ Jesus is) can we come to saving faith. Jesus is truly the way, the truth and the life! Never apologize for advancing the truth and the Gospel of Christ Jesus. Thank you again. Andy

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  2. SLIMJIM says:

    Grateful for you doing these forgiveness Sunday series

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