Don Knotts laughed so hard in this Andy Griffith Show scene, it had to be reshot 20 times – MeTV Weirdness Wednesdays December 2, 2020

I saw this a few weeks ago – Don Knotts laughed so hard in this Andy Griffith Show scene, it had to be reshot 20 times: Much longer article, but here’s a brief part of the link.

November 30, 2020, 1:50PM By MeTV Staff

What is the funniest scene from The Andy Griffith Show? Ask 10 fans and you might get 10 different answers. Odds are, though, they all involve Barney Fife. But what if there was a quantitative way to actually measure a subjective thing like “funniest Mayberry moment”? A good metric would be to look at how many times it took Don Knotts himself to get through a scene without laughing.

In 1985, when he hosted The Andy Griffith Show Silver Anniversary Special, Knotts not only revealed his favorite episode of the series (“The Pickle Story”), he shared an anecdote that arguably made the case for the funniest scene from the sitcom. Well, at least it was the one that cracked him up the most in his memory.


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