The mysterious silver monolith in the Utah desert has disappeared – CNN November 29, 2020

I saw a monolith article on Facebook – article posted today about it being missing – The mysterious silver monolith in the Utah desert has disappearedCNN: a while back. Here’s what the monolith looked like. It was removed on November 27th. The Utah state Bureau of Land Management (BLM) or Department of Public Safety (DPS) noticed it November 18th. They didn’t disclose the location to avoid rescuing people who would go looking for it and get stranded. They gave enough general information and photos that some people were able to figure out where it was. It’s gone now, but I am imagine people are still going to see where it was. Here’s an article about it before it went missing:

I figured a few people would try to figure out where it was and make the trip to visit it. There were enough photos provided by BLM to get enough clues to estimate where it was located using Google Maps or Google Earth. From the reports of the few people who visited it, the monolith sounded like it was human-made, not planted by aliens as some claims had been made. I am guessing the humans who placed it realized it would be discovered by others once the state reported finding it. Other people could have taken it, but it would be hard to move based on how far you had to walk to get to it.

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