Yellowstone Visitor Banned for Cooking Chickens in Thermal Hot Springs – Travel and Leisure Weirdness Wednesdays November 25, 2020

I saw this a few weeks ago – Yellowstone Visitor Banned for Cooking Chickens in Thermal Hot Springs: Not sure what happened to the two other suspects who were cited. It’s dangerous and people can get seriously hurt from getting too close to a geyser. More than 20 people have died from burns received from burns received from hot spring geysers.

The visitor from Idaho also faces hefty fines.


With the privilege of visiting national parks comes the great responsibility of following the rules that protect their natural beauty. After allegedly trying to cook chickens in a hot spring at Yellowstone National Park, one Idaho man is learning the hard way that flouting these rules comes with pricey consequences.


According to Newsweekthree suspects were cited in the Aug. 7 incident after a ranger received a report that a group of 10, including a child, were hiking towards the Shoshone Geyser Basin with cooking pots. They were found with two chickens in a sack, placed inside a hot spring.


Yellowstone has the biggest concentration of active geysers in the world and boasts over 10,000 thermal features. The park is filled with boardwalks and trails that allow guests to admire this natural phenomenon. It is against park rules to travel outside of these designated areas or to place anything into thermal features. These measures are in place for the safety of visitors as water in the hot springs can cause fatal burns.

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