Please Ignore Ethnicity Results – DNA Saturdays November 21, 2020

I decided to focus on ignoring ethnicity results for this week’s DNA Saturdays post. Each major genealogical DNA company uses its own algorithms and reference samples to determine ethnicity. Another factor that isn’t considered is what I call the Invade England Theory. England has been invaded so many times, some peaceful, others not so much. Here’s a good YouTube video about 6,013 years of European HistoryHistory of Europe – 6013 years in 3 minutes – YouTube Video MrOwnerandPwner; YouTube video: Europe is typical of most other continents. Africa, the Americas, and Asia all had boundary swaps throughout history.

I mention England because your English ancestors may not have been ethnically English. They could be German, French, Scandinavian, Italian, Spanish, or any other group that wound up in England over time. Same for people whose ethnicity falls in other continents.

In terms of reference populations, some reference population samples are so small as to be of limited value. Other reference population samples are very large. European is probably one of the largest reference population samples out there as many people of European descent have DNA tested with the various major genealogical DNA companies. Even among Europeans, some reference population samples don’t have large numbers tested. I don’t know how many Basques have tested, but I don’t imagine it’s a large number. There has been some research done on Basque DNA.

After some issues with Native American tribes and some DNA researchers, many Native American tribes have discouraged their members from getting DNA tested. In terms of proving Native American heritage, DNA is only used to verify one or both parents of children where a claim has been raised one or both parents are not the biological parent(s) of the child.

The other thing is unlike paper trail trees where half of your ethnicity comes from both parents, DNA shows you can get anywhere from no ethnicity to a lot more ethnicity from one parent than the other. This is more obvious when you have one parent that has a certain ethnicity the other parent doesn’t have. Maybe one parent is Asian and the other parent is European. In that case, any Asian DNA would come from the Asian parent. In cases where a particular ethnicity hasn’t been added to descendants, the ethnicity can wash out. In my example, suppose all of the children only married Europeans or Asians for generations and not married the other ethnic group. Take it where one side of the children only married Asians and the other side only married Europeans. Over time, the ethnicity that wasn’t married would wash out.

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