23andMe Test Update – November 16, 2020

I didn’t plan on this being several posts about DNA today but another couple of updates on my 23andMe test – last update: 23andMe Test Update – November 10, 2020, but yesterday, 23andMe was still in the Genotyping phase. This afternoon when I checked, they completed that phase, went to the next phase – Review, expected completion 1 – 2 days, but it was completed fast. Now, they are at the Computing Your Results phase with an expected 1 – 2 days at this level. This is the last step before results are posted. I may hold off posting this to show how fast they go with this phase. I noticed a new tab 23andMe+ which allows me to get more health information for $29.00/year. I will wait until I have results before deciding if it’s worth the $29/year to get the results.

I didn’t receive an e-mail from 23andMe when the last two phases completed. I wasn’t really expecting any as it tends to slow them down in the process. Although, I would think an automated e-mail response could be auto-generated with minimal input.

I try to check every day on 23andMe to see where in the process I am. Looking forward to my results once they become available. Should be interesting to see what my haplogroups are with this kit. I did a full mtDNA test with FamilyTree DNA (FTDNA) years ago and did the Y-111 a few years ago, and Big Y-700 upgrade earlier this year. I know my 23andMe v3 chip haplogroups. They are mtDNA haplogroup C1b2 and Y-DNA J1-M267 (downgraded several times over the years from a deeper haplogroup. I asked an mtDNA specialist and he couldn’t understand why 23andMe went with C1b2. I submitted my full mtDNA results from FamilyTree DNA (FTDNA) which has me as C1b for him to look at.

I checked 23andMe haplogroups today and they are ignoring my v3 chip results and showing awaiting results for the v5 chip. Good thing I took a screenshot a while back of my v3 chip haplogroups. I took a screenshot anytime the Y-DNA haplogroup changed. Looks like DNA Relatives aren’t working until they complete my results. Not sure if they will still show my 23andMe v3 chip relatives once they are done.

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