Today Would Have Been Mom’s 90th Birthday – November 15, 2020

As I don’t live close to her grave, around 950+ miles, I visit her on Find-A-Grave for both her birthdays and angel days. Same with Dad as he’s in the same cemetery. If I miss either day, I visit them when I think of it. I also visit their memorials on Veteran’s Day, Memorial Day, and other days when I am thinking of them. One of my nieces is also buried in the same cemetery. It’s a V. A. cemetery as my oldest brother is a veteran of the Marine Corps and the Army and he chose to have her buried there.

Happy 90th Birthday Mom. She got me into genealogy about talking about my sister, Lorraine. Lorraine was my half-sister although Mom never used the terms for Lorraine or her half-siblings. It took me over 30 years to find Lorraine as Mom misremembered the year and didn’t mention Lorraine’s last name. I managed to see a local newspaper that mentioned her birth/death announcement and Mom being her mother. Lorraine was either stillborn or died shortly after birth. I don’t think Mom intended to turn me into a genealogist, but she did. I didn’t know her parents’ first names until I started doing genealogy. Turns out both died before I was born. We did visit her father’s grave occasionally, but that was before the genealogy bug bit me so I wasn’t paying attention to the name on his headstone. Initially, I thought the woman next to him was my grandmother, but it was his first wife. Grandmother is buried next to her family about 8 miles away as when grandfather bought the plots, he bought 3 – one for his mother, one for his first wife, and one for him. By the time, he married grandmother, there were no nearby plots in the cemetery.

I eventually figured out the half and full siblings Mom had. I knew the names of them all, but not which were full and which were half. I also found a half-brother that was lost to the family. I got to visit his grave about 6 years ago. Probably the first family member to visit since his parents moved away over a century ago.

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