Promethease – DNA Saturdays November 14, 2020

I decided to focus on Promethease for this week’s DNA Saturdays post. You have to click “I accept” on 7 items and agree before you can access the website. It’s best to create an account as any DNA file you upload will be stored on the their website for 45 days, but if you create an account and use the account to upload your DNA file, you can recreate it after the 45 days runs out. I did that today with one of the files I uploaded a while back. It took a few minutes, but it was faster than trying to re-upload it.

I believe the minimum price to upload a DNA file for smaller files is $12. It’s a bit more if you upload a file like from DNA.Land which is significantly larger than something like a DNA file from 23andMe. They will let you know the purchase cost. I ran a test and decided to re-upload a file I previously uploaded, my old 23andMe v3 file. It’s $12 if I wanted to re-upload it.

You need to upload the zipped file. With some computers, they automatically unzip zipped files. You want to make sure you have removed this ability if your computer automatically unzips files. If you have a URL link from a DNA company, you can go with the option to use that link.

Here are some of the DNA companies you can upload from:

Promethease knows how to read these specific formats:

FamilyTreeDNA (the SNP test, not the STR test), also includes the FamilyFinder autosomal test
NatGeo (Geno Project), but you need to have downloaded your results before they shut down their website
Complete Genomics
– The dbSNPAnnotated.bz2 file is the most useful
– masterVarBeta files are also supported
Affymetrix GCOS
VCF (if the ID column has dbSNP rs#s)
Illumina GenomeStudio
Dante Labs
And many more, including those from companies that don’t exist anymore, like:



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