Top 10 Tips for Researching Your Ancestors’ Military Service – MyHeritage November 9, 2020

I saw this on MyHeritage today – Top 10 Tips for Researching Your Ancestors’ Military Service: On number 8 below, some people lied about their age to either join or avoid military service. I trimmed down the article, but more details are in the link.

By Thomas MacEntee November 9, 2020 Guest Posts

Throughout your ancestors’ lives it is likely that they or a family member served in the military. With Remembrance Day in the U.K. and Veterans Day in the U.S. on November 11th, now is the perfect time to research and celebrate the heroic stories of your ancestors. We invite you to share the stories of your ancestors who served in the military and enter the #MyMilitaryHeritage challenge

Military records can provide valuable insights into the lives of your ancestors. Some records can also provide vital record information and even data on those who didn’t serve, but were related to the ancestor. Many military records can be found online. MyHeritage’s military collections, for example, offer 683 collections and a combined 67 million records from all over the world!

After doing your online searches of military collections, here are my recommendations of some often overlooked strategies and sources for researching your ancestors’ military service:

1. Determine Military Service, Rank, and Division

2. Interview Relatives

3. Check Newspaper Articles

4. Check Yearbooks for Military Service Enlistments

5. Check Family Photos

6. Volunteer Military Service

7. Research Military Reunions

8. Are They the Right Age to Serve?

9. Understand Available Resources

10. Request military records from a government agency

Want some more tips on researching military records? Be sure to tune in today, November 9th, at 2pm EST to the MyHeritage Instagram channel: @myheritage_official for a special Instagram LIVE on researching your ancestors’ military stories.


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