I Rarely Unfriend Someone for Who They Support Politically – November 5, 2020

There are a few exceptions. Neither U. S. presidential candidate is perfect. Both have serious character flaws and other issues. That’s true of all people, politicians and non-politicians. I am including myself as I am not perfect. The exceptions are when people are absolute jerks about who they support. It’s rare as I tend to ignore a lot. As I said people, especially politicians, have a whole lot of issues and baggage. I miss the old days where politicians tended to be more respectful to their opponents, but I noticed both sides of the political spectrum dropped that pretense a long time ago. If each candidate attacked the political beliefs of the opponent without going after someone personally, I have a lot of respect for that candidate. It’s rare as most go after the candidate and these days the family members. I remember years ago, family members were off-limits. That ended a few decades ago as they became targets. I have friends on most sides of the political spectrum. There are some political spectrum elements I avoid as they are so far out there I don’t want to be labeled as being part of some fringe group.

One advantage of not turning on my TV is I get to ignore the political ads. I set Facebook to ignore anything 2020 election news. That doesn’t stop friends from posting stuff, but at least it cuts down the political ads. My mailbox was full of stuff from both sides for a few months now. Glad to see it’s stopped since the election. My mailbox rarely gets mail, other than a few bills and offers to join different groups. Or insurance pitches.

I have seen people use the term “You are dead to me” if you support candidate X. Tends to come more from liberals than conservatives. As I said several times above, no politician is perfect and they tend to have a lot of issues and baggage no matter what political ideology they follow. I may not agree with your candidate choice, but it’s unlikely to get me to unfriend you. I have stayed out of the political minefield on my blog as you tend to lose Readers and Followers no matter what side you choose. As I mentioned in this post – God Chooses the Winner of Every Election That Will Ever Be Held – November 3, 2020, I believe God chooses the winner in every election. I don’t know who will win this presidential election, but I am confident that the winner will be the one God wants to win.

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  1. SLIMJIM says:

    Me too I rarely unfriend someone for politics

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