23andMe DNA v5 Chip Update – October 29, 2020

I mentioned in this post – Last Night I Included Ongoing DNA Sales – October 14, 2020 about ordering a 23andMe Ancestry+Health kit. It arrived in Phoenix, Arizona on Saturday, October 24th. It banged around Phoenix for several days. This morning in the wee hours, around 12:30 A. M., I had an update from the Post Office, the kit was now in Greensboro, North Carolina. Later this morning bit over 11 hours later, I received notice it was delivered to Burlington, North Carolina. When I checked 23andMe shortly after receiving the delivery text, I noticed the kit was in the queue for DNA extraction. The expected results date are projected for November 19th. They do warn it could be as late as December 3.

Going to be cool to watch how it proceeds through each step. I registered it before sending it in. It arrived at the lab today. It was prepped today, and in queue for DNA extraction. Next steps are Genotyping, Review, Computation, and Results Ready. Last time with the v3 chip, it took months before I received my results. It was stuck on Genotyping for around 2 months.

My mtDNA haplogroup on 23andMe is C1b2. I checked with an mtDNA expert and he couldn’t figure out how 23andMe came up with C1b2. I did a full mtDNA test at FamilyTree DNA (FTDNA) and it only came up with C1b. 23andMe only uses a handful of SNPs to estimate mtDNA and Y-DNA.

For Y-DNA, 23andMe has me as J-P58 right now. That’s J1 as there is also a J2 section. It has changed several times since I first tested with 23andMe. At one point, it was moderately deeper. It has been changed twice since then. It’s currently as above. It was J-M267 with the first change. It was originally J1e something. That translated to J1c3d which was JL147.1. On the Big Y-700, it’s J1 BY78. On YFull, it’s J-Z18288. On YSEQ.net, it’s JZS3664 as they don’t consider J1-BY78 stable enough for now. All of these are different positions on the J1-BY78 haplogroup.

I am curious as to which mtDNA and Y-DNA haplogroups 23andMe’s v5 chip places me. I will keep people updated.



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