To Those in the Path of Hurricane Zeta, Please Take Precautions – October 28, 2020

As someone with family and friends who are most likely in the expected path of Hurricane Zeta, I encourage people to take precautions. On some projections, it looks like my family may be safe, but until we see where it is going, that’s not something I am relying on. Hurricanes go where they go. I remember with Hurricane Katrina, I had family members who assumed it would be either a miss or a minor hurricane as some many hurricanes had been for decades. Those family members stayed in south Mississippi. Other family members decided to not risk it and temporarily stayed in Florida waiting out the storm.

It’s now a Category 2 hurricane from various reports I have seen. Granted, landfall is expected on Louisiana which may slow it down enough to be a Category 1 if it continues on towards Mississippi. I believe it will hit Mississippi, not sure where it will track as different projections show different paths through Mississippi. Here are some models of where Hurricane Zeta may go –

I encourage anyone in any projected path to take precautions even if it looks the hurricane won’t go your direction. I am a strong believer in prepare for the worst, but hope for the best. Bern through enough hurricanes to understand hurricanes don’t read weather reports on where they are supposed to go.

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  1. SLIMJIM says:

    This has been a year of many hurricanes

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