Lottery Winners Who Purchase Several Tickets and Win on Each Ticket – Weirdness Wednesdays October 28, 2020

I saw this a few days ago where a lottery winner purchased tickets at different places using the same numbers and won the Powerball $1 million prize – That means they matched the first five numbers, but not the Powerball number. Because they were separate tickets, the winner won $2 million, before taxes. Typically, this only happens if you pick your numbers and play the same numbers on each ticket. I thought this was an unusual enough event it deserved to be this week’s Weirdness Wednesdays post. Each state that participates in Powerball decides if the winner has to disclose their name. In Kansas, it used to be your name was revealed. At some point, Kansas decided it was up to the individual if they wanted their name revealed. In New Hampshire, it was required the winner’s name be announced. It looks like “Jane Doe” sued and won the right to remain anonymous as she lived in New Hampshire – A growing number of states are allowing people to remain anonymous if they win a lottery.

I recall where someone won a big lottery and was murdered by a business associate – I don’t play the Lottery although if I ever purchased a winning ticket, I would go the anonymous route and wouldn’t do a lot of big spending. I had a co-worker who won the Powerball back in the early 1990s when matching the first five numbers was only worth $100,000. Other co-workers asked him if he planned on retiring. He said no. After taxes, he had maybe $60K or so.

Another thing to realize is that most lottery payouts don’t withhold enough federal or state taxes before giving you the remaining. Expect a sizeable tax bill from the IRS and if your state has state income taxes, a large bill from them as well.

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