Big Difference in Weather Between a Few Days Ago and Since Yesterday – October 27, 2020

A couple of days ago the weather was in the low 80s on Thursday. Friday and Saturday’s highs were in the low to mid 40s, Sunday made it to the high 30s, yesterday it was 30 in the morning, but dropped down to the upper 20s as the day wore on. We also had snow. Today, it’s supposed to hit low 30s, but slowly warm up over night to the high 30s tomorrow. Thursday estimates low 50s for the high. High 50s for Friday. For Saturday and Sunday low to mid 60s both days. Monday through Wednesday low to mid 70s for the highs. Thursday high 60s. Here’s the first station’s 10 day forecast:; you have to choose the 10 day forecast.

Going to be interesting to see how close one of the local TV stations gets with these predictions. A second station that has a 7-day forecast Third local station 7-day forecast – is more in line with the second station. Weather Channel forecast for Wichita, Kansas seems to agree with the second and third local stations for the most part. The temperatures don’t reach the 70s for any channel other than KWCH.

One of the bloggers I follow in Oklahoma is having severe icing going on. To the point of branches and large branches breaking off due to ice. I am keeping her family in prayers as they had to go to a hotel due to power outage at their place. Having had that happen at my place about 14 years ago, I can understand. The advantage for me was my neighbor mentioned a line down in her yard that led to my place. At the time, I had Internet. I called the power company and the Internet company and asked them which one it belonged to. Neither could tell me. They told me leave it alone and the power company boosted me to the top of the list. After a few hours, power came back on which meant it was the Internet cable that was down. I can live without Internet, but power is a different story when it’s several degrees below zero. I had considered going to a hotel myself if power took too long coming back on.

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  1. We are still near 90 degrees

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