Received Numerous Amber Alerts About Two Missing Girls – October 25, 2020

Starting yesterday, my two phones received numerous Amber Alerts yesterday and one phone was receiving them in the wee hours of this morning. The other phone stopped receiving them shortly after the missing girls were found. According to one TV station, the girls and their father were found about 7 P. M. Central Time last night in Oklahoma. They went missing from Kansas. Not sure why I was still receiving Amber Alerts at 2:30 A. M. this morning on the one phone. The father was arrested as he is suspected of killing the two brothers of the girls. I only bring this up as people often use social media to repost these kinds of stories without checking them out. I remember a repost in 2018 for a missing boy who disappeared in 2016. Had the person read the law enforcement post from 2016, he was found within hours of disappearing.

I always check out such posts before sharing them as most of the missing are found quickly. I wish more people would do the same. It’s one thing to get an Amber Alert and share it as soon as you get it. Not the same thing to share a year old article where the person has been found. I also see revenge posts where someone shows a tag photo and says the person has done something bad. I always check those out as very few turn out to be true. Both of these types of posts drain personnel resources from law enforcement unnecessarily as people think they have seen the person or vehicle. In some cases, they have seen the person or vehicle, but it turns out the person has been found or the vehicle has nothing to do with the original poster’s alleged crime. Ideally, call the local law enforcement in the area to see if they are still looking for someone or if the alleged crime happened.

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