MyHeritage Releases Three Historical Record Collections from Wales – MyHeritage October 23, 2020

I saw this on MyHeritage today – MyHeritage Releases Three Historical Record Collections from Wales: The article is much longer, but went with some highlights.

By Talya October 23, 2020 Historical Records

We are pleased to announce the publication of three important Welsh historical record collections on MyHeritage: Wales, Parish Births and Baptisms; Wales, Parish Marriages and Banns; and Wales, Parish Deaths and Burials. The collections consist of 14.8 million indexed historical records and cover over 450 years of Welsh history. High quality scans of the original documents will be added very soon. These collections are the only source of genealogical information in Wales before the 19th century, making them an invaluable resource for anyone researching their Welsh heritage.

Here are more details about the new Welsh collections:

CollectionDescriptionNumber of RecordsLink to Search

Wales, Parish Births and Baptisms
An index of births and baptism records in Wales from 1538 to 1920.8,242,549 recordsSearch collection now

Wales, Parish Marriages and Banns
An index of marriages and banns in Wales from 1539 to 1935.3,480,047 recordsSearch collection now

Wales, Parish Deaths and Burials
An index of deaths in Wales from 1539 to 2005.3,149,924 recordsSearch collection now

In 1537, the Church of England mandated the keeping of parish registers of all births and baptisms, marriages, and deaths in Wales. For nearly three centuries these records were the only vital records documented in Wales. In 1837, civil registrations of births & baptisms, marriages, and deaths were required throughout all of England and Wales. These records are already on MyHeritage and can be found in our U.K. collections.


Family Tree Builder’s main features run the same in the Family Tree Builder Mac version, including Sync with MyHeritage, Smart Matches™, Record Matches, the Consistency Checker, charts, etc. However, there are several minor features not compatible with the Mac OS X that will be unavailable for Mac users. 

Unlike most countries where civil registrations replaced parish records, Wales parish records continue to be recorded. These collections contain records as recent as 2005, making the Wales Parish collections some of the longest spanning collections on MyHeritage.

Parish baptisms, marriages, and burials were all recorded in a single volume until 1774, at which point the law changed to require a separate marriage register and another one for marriage banns (proclamations of an intent to marry). Standardized forms for these registers appeared in 1812. 


Wales, Parish Births and Baptisms


Wales, Parish Deaths and Burials


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