Filed My First PayPal Chargeback and Won – October 23, 2020

I don’t know how long I have been using PayPal, but it’s been a while. I have used PayPal for hundreds of purchases over the years. I filed a chargeback as the seller never delivered what they promised. I received notice recently that PayPal was reviewing my claim. They sent me an e-mail they were refunding my money. I tried working with the seller who deleted the original post showing what he offered. He kept referring me to the linked post and trying to rationalize and justify why he didn’t owe me a refund. I am glad PayPal is giving me the money back. It’s a shame the seller wouldn’t honor the deal. I will no longer be buying anything from him. In the past, I purchased several things and he delivered on those items. This time he chose not to.

I gave him the option of coming clean when I first contacted him. He talked on his blog like he was a man of honor and integrity. Yet, when I contacted him, he made it clear from his actions he was neither. Instead of saying he made a mistake or forgot, he went the rationalization and justification route. He kept making the point after I referenced the deleted post. He never acknowledged the deleted post.

At some point, his actions will come back to haunt him. As a Christian who believes you reap what you sow, you generally reap a lot more than you sow. That’s true no matter if it’s good or bad that you sow. Having seen other people do similar things, they often get taken by a family member, friend, or business associate who sees what they are doing and decides it’s okay to do it to them. I will take no pleasure or joy when it comes back to him. I probably won’t notice it unless he makes a big deal of how someone took advantage of him down the road.

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