These international destinations are open to US tourists — Travel and Sport dot pw

Editor’s Note — CNN Travel updates this article periodically. It was last updated in its entirety on October 16. The US State Department advises that travelers consult country-specific travel advisories via their website or consult the CDC’s latest guidance. Before you make any international travel plans, check these sites first. (CNN) — Once one of […]

These international destinations are open to US tourists — Travel and Sport dot pw.

You may want to read the restrictions for each country and also check to see if there are updates that haven’t been posted to the list. Plus, some of the countries give more details on the websites listed. In at least one case, you will need a $2,000 deposit, and it’s possible you will have to spend some or all of that money in certain circumstances to visit one country and I was surprised at which country it was.

Most places require a recent COVID-19 test, varies by country as to how recent it needs to be. You may also have to quarantine when you arrive. In some of the countries, you will need to have health insurance that works in that country. You may need to get re-tested as soon as you land or within a specific period if you stay long enough.

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7 Responses to These international destinations are open to US tourists — Travel and Sport dot pw

  1. SLIMJIM says:

    Oh to travel one day again!

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    • Had an American who went to the Cayman Islands; she was warned not to violate the quarantine, but decided watching her boyfriend play sports was more important than obeying the quarantine. The judge initially hit with a minor fine and no jail time. The prosecutor made the point this would only encourage others to do the same. The judge decided to send her to prison for 4 months to discourage others from doing the same thing. I learned a long time ago that you obey the laws and regulations when you visit another country.

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      • SLIMJIM says:

        Yeah that is important going overseas I abide by your principles 💯 overseas

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      • If you haven’t seen the movie Born American (1986), it’s about 3 young Americans who intentionally cross into the USSR from Finland. It’s a rare Finnish movie, but is in English. The title is from a comment made by one of the guys. Let’s just say, being born American and doing stupid things in 1986 USSR is not a good way to act.

        There is a brief semi-nude scene with a woman being topless. I could see a representative from the U. S. government saying to the Russian warden what was said.

        The son of Chuck Norris is the lead. They do paint a Russian priest as a bad guy.

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      • SLIMJIM says:

        Fascinating! I think I saw this as a kid on TV, minus the nude part; think the world almost went to war was part of the plot???


      • No. The diplomat who I think was not American, but was sent to negotiate basically told the Russians that the best solution was for them to disappear as there was no evidence they had made it to the USSR. It helped that the USSR had kept it quiet and could make the locals who knew about it not say anything.

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