Blood Type and DNA Testing Companies – DNA Saturdays October 17, 2020

In the past, 23andMe used to offer blood type estimates, but with a caution – – I know this is from a different source, but 23andMe no longer offers blood type:

This is what their disclaimer used to be:

We use a set of 11 SNPs in the ABO gene to determine your ABO blood type: rs8176719, rs1053878, rs7853989, rs8176740, rs8176743, rs8176746, rs41302905, rs8176747, i4000504, rs8176749, i4000505. However, there are many other mutations and deletions in the ABO gene that can affect blood type. If you have one of these more rare mutations, your actual blood type could be different than that predicted by these SNPs.

So if you already have some genetic data, maybe go on Promethease and use this list of 11 SNPs to determine your blood type. If you go on your report in the the top left corner, there are three tabs Main, Blood, and PGx. Click on Blood and you’ll see a large text saying “ABO blood type” with your type listed right below.

The key point in the above quote is “there are many other mutations and deletions in the ABO gene that can affect blood type.” You can also use Promethease to estimate blood type, it costs $12 to get the results, but don’t rely on it to accurately give you the correct blood type. It also doesn’t give you Rh factor. I used a 10th grade Biology test and verified my blood type and Rh factor. That was later verified by numerous blood donations to the American Red Cross and results from various doctors who ran blood tests. One DNA company offers a free blood if you already have a DNA sample with them. They accept free transfers from several companies as well as using a kit from one of the larger DNA companies for sale. As I had already tested with them ordering the kit from the other DNA company they sent to me, I ran the free test and saw it got my blood type wrong.

In the U. S., the American Red Cross will accept your free blood donation and several plasma companies will pay you for plasma. Either of these ways will give your blood type and Rh factor. In many other countries, there are similar agencies like the Red Cross that will provide your blood type and Rh factor.

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