Newest Bundle of Holding Dracula Dossier Bundle – October 12, 2020

I received this e-mail from Bundle of Holding today – Dracula Dossier Bundle I haven’t played the game, but Wikipedia has this link: This is a funny gaming bundle, as evidenced by the Kickstarter link below. Seems to be Dracula/vampire week or month as several bloggers have referenced Dracula/vampire movies this month and at least two gaming items are Dracula/vampire related. That includes a different Dracula Kickstarter campaign I will mention on Weirdness Wednesdays.

Through MONDAY, NOVEMBER 2, we kick off the OCTOBER HORRORS by resurrecting the December 2017 Dracula Dossier Bundle, the huge improvisational Night’s Black Agents campaign from Pelgrane Press

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Today is your last chance to get our two offers featuring many RPGs from Gallant Knight Games that use the easy and streamlined TinyD6 rules. In the all-new TinyD6 Worlds, a standalone offer, the recent D6 hit Tiny Supers is joined by Tiny Gunslingers (with its Poker Deck and Bounties), Pirates (with its Duel Deck), Gods, and Living Dead, as well as the Tiny Dungeon campaign Destiny of Tides. It’s a big US$83 retail value for less than a tiny $19.50:

And speaking of Tiny Dungeon, our revived July 2019 Tiny Dungeon Bundle once again brings you the bestselling Second Edition core rulebook plus Tiny Wastelands, Frontiers, Mecha and Monsters, and lots more:

These two TinyD6 offers dwindle out of sight tonight!


Through Monday, November 2 we launch this year’s “October Horrors” sequence of horror RPG offers by resurrecting the December 2017 Dracula Dossier Bundle. The Dracula Dossier is the epic improvised horror-espionage campaign for Night’s Black Agents, star designer Kenneth Hite‘s GUMSHOE system RPG of burned spies vs. vampires from Pelgrane Press.

In 1893 a visionary spymaster in the British Naval Intelligence Department tried to recruit the perfect asset: a vampire. Operation Edom contacted Count Dracula in Transylvania, set up a safe house and headquarters in England, and arranged transit. Then it all went wrong. Dracula betrayed his minder and double-crossed NID. British intelligence hunted him down on his home ground and terminated him with two knives and extreme prejudice — or so they thought. Dracula lives. Now it’s up to you to finish the job.

Funded by a spectacular November 2014 Kickstarter campaign, the Dracula Dossier series follows in the fully improvisational path of the award-winning The Armitage Files campaign for Trail of Cthulhu. Players follow up leads in the margins of Dracula Unredacted, a rare edition of Bram Stoker’s masterpiece that reveals the terrifying truth behind the fiction. Players choose which leads to track, which scarlet trail to follow. The Director, using the clear step-by-step techniques in these ebooks, improvises a suitably blood-soaked thriller in response to their choices. Together you create your own unique story — and you learn why Ben Riggs at Geek & Sundry called The Dracula Dossier the greatest RPG campaign of all time.

(Pelgrane Press has a great eyes-only page of Dracula Dossier resources.)

This comprehensive offer presents the entire Dracula Dossier line. Pay just US$19.95 to get all three titles in this revived offer’s Agent Collection (retail value $54) as DRM-free .PDF ebooks, including the Night’s Black Agents core rulebook, Dracula Unredacted, and The Edom Field Manual.

And if you pay more than the threshold (average) price, which is set at $29.95 to start, you’ll level up and also get this revival’s entire Director Collection with five more titles worth an additional $80, including the indispensable Dracula Dossier Director’s Handbook (plus the Dracula Dossier Deck of nonplayer character cards); The Edom Files scenario collection; The Hawkins Papers, with over 30 beautiful player handouts; The Thrill of Dracula, Kenneth Hite’s analysis of Dracula portrayals in novels and films; and, as a convenience to our customers, we also add The Van Helsing Letter, a quickstart adventure Pelgrane Press distributed for Free RPG Day 2016.

Ten percent of your payment (after gateway fees) will be donated to the charity designated by Pelgrane Press co-owners Cathriona Tobin and Simon Rogers, Cochrane Reports. Cochrane provides high-quality, relevant, and up-to-date synthesized research evidence for anyone who uses high-quality information to make health decisions — doctor or nurse, patient or carer, researcher or funder. Cochrane has created a Covid-19 working group and published four special collections of pandemic information.

Get this revived Dracula Dossier Bundle before it disappears into the Transylvanian mist Monday, November 2.



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