What Speaker Pelosi Doesn’t Get – October 10, 2020

Disclaimer: I am not now or have never been a member of the D or R parties. I vote for the person. These days it’s often voting against the lesser of two evils.

Speaker Pelosi doesn’t get several things. First, we will probably need another stimulus package if the economy doesn’t recover fast enough. She also appears to be going after President Trump. If she had a clue, she would realize this attempt will backfire. She also doesn’t get that Americans are going to die no matter what. She doesn’t get that the best chance to pass the HEROES Bill was back in July. She has dug a line in the sand after the bill passed the House and said the Senate needs to back this bill. A bill that was full of pork and so few requirements that state and local governments that would receive hundreds of billions with no accountability. She did offer HEROES Bill 2.0 and 3.0 that dropped the amount requested to around $2.2 Trillion, again ignoring the fact COVID-19 may hang around long enough where another stimulus check may be needed.

Worse, when the Problem Solvers Caucus offered a compromise bill several months ago, she chose not to put it up for a vote. It was estimated at $1.5 Trillion with the possibility of costing a bit more, closer to $2 Trillion, or less, maybe as low as $1.3 Trillion, depending on how COVID-19 and the economy were doing. This is a group of 25 moderate Democrats and 25 moderate Republicans in the House. Again, it removed a lot of the things Speaker Pelosi wants in her bill. It included the possibility of another stimulus check in March if the economy is still in bad enough shape.

If that wasn’t bad enough, Speaker Pelosi turned down an offer from President Trump that was $1.8 Trillion. She appears bound and determined that it’s her HEROES bill or no bill. Hopefully, the voters in her district will make it clear that’s unacceptable. You can contact her as Speaker of the House even if you don’t live in her district. She needs to understand that her stubbornness is not helping her cause. If anything, it’s weakening her cause. I have friends who have been politely pointing out to her office why her stand is the wrong choice. It helped President Trump and the Problem Solvers Caucus made several offers that were reasonable and came close to what she wanted. It also gives others plenty of valid points to make as to why she is not budging.

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  1. SLIMJIM says:

    I really can’t stand Nancy Pelosi…

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