23andMe Changes – Download Matches Now or Lose Many — DNAeXplained – Genetic Genealogy

Recently, 23andMe implemented a new subscription model. In their new model, which requires retesting (with a new sample) on the V5 chip, you can pay a yearly subscription fee of $29 to receive up to 4500 matches. The subscription service is by invitation, which you can see at this link, excerpt below: Current Customers Losing […]

23andMe Changes – Download Matches Now or Lose Many — DNAeXplained – Genetic Genealogy.

I tested on the v3 chip back in 2013. I was notified a long while back that I would get no new health reports unless I upgraded to the v5 chip.

I don’t have the money to upgrade and once I do have the money, I will wait until the v5 chip Ancestry+Health test goes on sale as a good sale price generally is cheaper than doing the upgrade. It’s $125 to upgrade, but the Ancestry+Health test often goes on sale for $99 or $149. I don’t see the sense in paying $125 if I can get a new test for $99. Even at $149, I would still go with the price as that means they have to send me a new test and process it instead of using my old v3 DNA sample. That costs me a bit more, but it costs them a lot more to send me the new kit.

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