Cooking Fever Game – Available on Computers, Apple and Android Devices – October 7, 2020

Cooking Fever is a game I enjoy playing. I haven’t downloaded it to my laptop, but play it on my phone. I will give some things to consider on how to play the game. I recommend only playing the first 10 levels of the restaurants until you can build the Casino. Every 12 hours, you can earn up to 15 gems playing the casino. It will run you around 5,000 – 20,000 coins although sometimes, I have to spend 60K – 80K coins to earn the 15 gems. It’s worth noting that once you win the 15 gems, you have to wait another 12 hours to try again. From people on the Cooking Fever WikiCooking Fever Wiki | Fandom, you won’t win more gems than once every 12 hours. You may win coins, but over time you will spend more coins than you will win. I know there are numerous Cooking games available. I haven’t tried any of the other Cooking games or apps. I don’t receive any money from this game, but I do get a lot of fun playing it.

You can learn more about the game at,, or I will also be sharing some YouTube tutorials on how you can learn how to play the various restaurants for the next week. There are some good YouTube videos on how to deal with each restaurant. There are 11 restaurants on the main City screen with a possible new restaurant being available in a later update, plus the Casino. You unlock new restaurants by achieving certain levels. The Island has another 10 restaurants. Finally, the Mountains have 11 restaurants with another other than will be unlocked in a later upgrade. I have only unlocked 4 of the 11 at this level. I have unlocked all of the restaurants on the City and the Island screens.

The Wiki links have some good advice on playing the game and let you know when many things become available. I disagree with some of it as some claim things I have not seen. For example, some claim you will always gets 15 Gems in between 5K – 20K coins spent. I have gotten 15 gems on the first spin on rare occasions and often have to spend 60K – 80K+ coins a lot more than I spend 20K or less. I am up to Level 556. Early on, the levels don’t require many experience points to move up. At some point, you will need 10,000 experience points for new levels.

With many, but not all, restaurants, you will get one chance to buy a special cooking machine The offer is only good for 72 hours and you won’t get the offer again for a restaurant if you don’t purchase it. The price early on for the special cooking machine starts at 70 gems, later the price goes down a bit to 60 gems and much later, it goes down to 30 – 40 gems. The reason I mention only going to level 10 with the early restaurants is because the special cooking machine tends to show up at higher levels, usually around Level 18 – 20 or 30. If you don’t mind spending the cash to purchase the machine, not a problem. I personally prefer to earn the gems. The special cooking machine will speed up something game related.

In addition, if you play daily, on Day 7, you will start earning 2 gems/day. I tend to play twice a day – morning and evening as there’s a time limit if you don’t play daily, then you start back on Day 1 and have to earn back up to Day 7. I don’t know how long it takes past 24 hours before the clock resets to Day 1. I also have the Google Rewards app installed and I sometimes get surveys to complete. Many of the surveys are only worth 10 cents, but a few are worth more. I use the surveys to generate a modest amount of money and use it when Cooking Fever offers the Chef’s Mystery Box. They usually do this on a regular basis. It costs $1.99 + tax, but I build up enough survey money so I don’t have to pay when I choose to take a chance on the Mystery Box. I don’t earn enough survey money to take advantage each time it’s offered.

You can do various upgrades to items in your restaurants. Some cost coins, but a fair number cost coins and gems. I tend to go for the ones that help out the fastest. You don’t need all of the upgrades, but each upgrade helps out in some way or other. You will often generate more daily income for a restaurant by purchasing upgrades. Every day, you can get money from your restaurants by clicking on the restaurant and hitting the Claim button. I check the restaurants that aren’t fully upgraded or I haven’t met all the bonus items to see what I need to do to earn the bonuses.

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